When the glory comes, It will be ours

I love music. I feel like it speaks to my situations at different times and I can always relate and that was how I felt when I heard Glory for the first time. The song from the Selma Soundtrack spoke to my soul and I kept saying to myself… this is my story.

The Golden Globes was last night and this song won the Original Song award. Listen to it below and I am sure you will relate instantly once you listen


7 thoughts on “When the glory comes, It will be ours

  1. shuga chocolata says:

    I couldn’t help but dropped a few tears, thanks for this hope to see the movie soon, have been late with things lately, need to catch up real quick. Thanks PP for this referal.

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  2. Blue says:

    Great music. Great lyrics. Wonderful collaboration. Makes me wonder the depth of thought from which it came.
    P.s why haven’t I seen Selma?


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