The Untitled Story about Kola

I remember the first time I met Kola.

It was during the long holidays in 2004. I was young and in awe of this 26 year old man. I can still remember his picture on Hi5. He had a long sleeve shirt, boot cut jeans and a hat and I thought he look terrific. After exchanging emails and telephone calls for close to a year, we decided to meet. School had closed for the Third term holidays and I was going to be meeting him at Sweet Sensation.

I was excited.

After years of making out in the toilet in school and messing around with small boys, I was finally about to meet an older guy who was interested in me. I couldn’t hide my excitement. I put on the hottest outfit in my wardrobe and used my sister’s perfume. I had to impress; I mean this guy was going to be the love of my life.

I got to Sweet Sensation at the agreed time and called Kola to let me know I was there. After an hour of waiting, he comes in and apologises for coming late. We have small talk and he says “Meet me in the restroom after 10 minutes.” I obeyed and as soon as I got there, he started kissing me. I should add here that Kola is the worst kisser ever! Who kisses with their teeth? After kissing, he made me blow him for close to 15 minutes. My jaw was aching and I wasn’t enjoying it but I wasn’t gonna miss out on the chance to have an older boyfriend. After the blow job, he turned me over and brought out his cock. He used spit to lubricate my ass and his dick and as he slid it in, I let out a tiny scream. He was quick to cover my mouth but it couldn’t contain my pain. He went in and out really fast and I thought I was gonna faint. During the process, someone came and knocked on the door but Kola held me, made sure I was still so that I won’t make any noise. After the guy left, he continued and in less than 5 minutes he had his cum inside of me.

Kola cleaned up,  gave me a quick kiss and left. I felt awful but what the heck. Kola had left me scarred. I really wanted to be intimate with him but what happened at that rest room wasn’t what I had in mind. I never saw Kola since then. Well not until now as I write this post. He is my new boss and he can’t remember me.

Oh well.

8 thoughts on “The Untitled Story about Kola

  1. Dashawn says:

    My dear,you probably didn’t scream enough! I remember one time a senior in my secondary school tried to slide in using Vaseline. My scream sent chills into the night air. He immediately ran away leaving me in the cold dark corner of the class. Chai, eeyah! Shebi it is you that wanted bfn na? Lmao! Even up till now, they are so rare to find. My friends and I keep praying that we would find our Prince charmings soon. Lol…

    Liked by 1 person

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