How do you tell your Straight Best Friend that you are gay?

Hello guys,

So I have this issue that has been on my mind for a bit. My best friend is a straight born again Christian who is really cool. The thing is he has been pressuring me to get a girlfriend for like forever! I have no idea how he will react if he finds out that I am gay but I feel he deserves to know; considering that I am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend.

What do I do guys? How do I open and tell him the truth? Do I just leave him to assume I am straight?




2 thoughts on “How do you tell your Straight Best Friend that you are gay?

  1. ocee77 says:

    I have this childhood friend who i came out to(like 8 years ago) and if anything we seem to be closer.I told him one friday night while he was at my place.He was very suprised,he had no idea such things happen in Nigeria.That i was lucky with my friend does not mean u will be though.My advice,if this person truely is your friend he will accept u just d way u r,if not,his loss bro.Life goes on.Best of luck.


  2. trystham says:

    Well, get him drunk and tell him….just kidding.
    The ‘born-again’ part complicates issues. But if he IS ur friend, I bet u can tell him anything. So it depends on how well u think u know him


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