I love you, Mr. Carter

I am such a naughty child!

How the heck did I forget about the gorgeous Terrell Carter. The first time I saw him was in one of Tyler Perry’s plays and I was like that boy can SANGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I had an instant crush on him. This crush was heightened when he was outed by his boyfriend in 2009

YES! I have a chance!

Don’t mind me. Who am I kidding? Anyways, I forgot him for a bit till I saw him audition for X Factor US and I was like there you are…

Terrell-Carter x factor

Unfortunately he didn’t make the cut even though it was very evident he killed his audition

So I forgot about him again

Until now

I was surfing the net; looking for new music (and hot guys) only for his name to pop up! He has a new album coming out!!!

Something in the Water

I am super excited guys. What I am praying for now is a music video to support the album. Please Mr. Carter. Drop that video asap

Check out his music here

3 thoughts on “I love you, Mr. Carter

  1. Blue says:

    Hmmmmmm! He sure is hawt in a way in your own way Kunle. If only crushes do come true, i’ll be typing this comment while laying on Dede Awey’s chest and he is stroking my dyed hair. *shaking off the thought*
    Btw that mother can sing.

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